Piularch ships worldwide. If the list of destination countries we offer does not show yours, please contact us to calculate the cost and shipping options to your country.

All expenses will be charged to the customer.

Deadlines and shipping costs

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday (except holidays). In case the user is absent when the delivery is being carried out so nobody can received the package, the transport company will leave a notification after each unsuccessful attempt to deliver it. The number of attempts can vary depending on the country of destination, any expense generated by the failed attempt to deliver the package, will be charged to the customer.

In case the delivery can not be carried out, the package will be returned to the destination of origin, taking charge of the costs generated by the return, shipping of the package or any other, the client and these generated costs will be deducted from the total amount to reimburse.
On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, there will be no deliveries.

Orders will be placed on the same day as long as they take place before 14:00. Those made after that time, will be sent the next day.

The transport company will send an e-mail to the customer informing that the order has been accepted and is being sent.

Piularch is not responsible for delays in the delivery of orders that are related to weather or circumstances outside our company, as well as the problems caused by the transport company.

Country of destination

Price (€)

Estimated delivery time (days)

Spain (peninsula), standard delivery Free 1-3
Spain, express delivery 9,95 1
Balearics 14,95 1-3
Canary Islands 14,95 1-3
Ceuta and Melilla 24,95 1
Portugal 9,95 1
Germany 14,95 2-3
France 14,95 1-2
Corsica France 38,95 1-2
Mónaco 14,95 1-2
Austria 14,95 2-3
Belgium 14,95 2-3
United Kingdom 19,95 4-5
Italy 14,95 2-3
Luxembourg 14,95 2-3
Netherlands 14,95 2-3
San Marino 14,95 2-3
Switzerland 14,95 3-4
Czech Republic 14,95 2-3
Denmark (does not include Greenland) 14,95 2-3
Liechtenstein 14,95 3-4
Poland 14,95 3-4
Slovenia 14,95 3-4
Slovaquia 14,95 3-4
Bulgaria 24.95 4-5
Estonia 24.95 4-5
Finland 24.95 4-5
Croatia 24.95 3-4
Hungary 24.95 2-3
Ireland 24.95 3-4
Lithuania 24.95 4-5
Latvia 24.95 4-5
Norway 34.95 3-6
Serbia 34,95 4-5
Romania 24.95 3-4
Sweden 24.95 3-5
Albania 44.95 3-4
Bonia&Herzegovina 44.95 3-4
Cyprus 44.95 5-6
Faroe Islands 44.95 3-5
Greece 44.95 4-5
Iceland 44.95 3-4
Montenegro 44.95 4-5
Macedonia 44.95 4-5
Malt 44.95 4-5
Turkey 69,95 4-5
Kosovo 44.95 4-5


Customs expenses will always be borne by the customer. These charges are NOT included in the product price or shipping costs.

Each country has its own customs management fees, which will be accepted by the client. These conditions are accepted with the completion of the purchase.

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