Red Larch Handbag

Red Larch Handbag


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Handmade Tote Bag handbag, made of high quality leather with reptile printing in red and black colour. The interior is covered in black cotton sateen  with small spots made of black velvet.    

It has two handles,clasp and two pockets, one of them inside the bag and the other is made on the leather side of the handbag. It also includes a leather collar with the brand design.

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- High 27cm
- Length 40cm
- Width 13cm

All our PIULARCH handbags are handmade by our designer and artisan, using natural leathers of  first  quality  animal  origin.

The actual colors of the bags may vary depending on the configuration and resolution of the monitor.

All  our  designs  are  protected  by  the  Patent  and  Trademark  Office,  in  the  Industrial  Design category.

The  beauty  of  imperfection:  imperfections  in  the  skin  are,  in  fact,  something  positive. Remember that skins are natural materials and that they are marked with the use and passing of time. They may appear imperfections or even changes in color due to natural wear. Each piece made with natural leather is unique.

Use a dry, white cotton cloth for cleaning, and carefully wipe the surface.

Hydratesskin1or2timesayearwithaneutralmoisturizerthatdoesnotcontain silicones, oilorderivatives.Itisbesttodoitwithyourownhands sincethe heathelpsthe producttopenetratebetter.Doitalwayslittlebylittleandincircularmovementsand remember to let the bag dry completely before putting it back in its case. Always carryouta testby applying a littleofthe product onan area of the bag that is less visible to ensure that it does not alter the characteristics of the skin.

Remember, handbags made of suede can not be hydrate with cream because they can get stained. To do this, use a soft bristle brush to remove dust and lift hair. Brush gently.

To clean the parts that have been made of cloth use a soft bristle brush to remove any dust it may contain. For stains you can use a white cotton cloth dampened in a soapy solution, rub gently.

Always wrap it in its white cotton cover when you want to store it.

Do not stack them, because they can lose their shape

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