In case there is a possible mistake with the price of a particular product when making an order, you will be inmmediatedly informed so that you could cancel the order and try it again. If by any means PIULARCH can not contact the user, the order will be considered canceled and the payment reimburse.

PIULARCH is legally extemp from modifying prices which are offered in the website any time. Those changes would not be applied under any circumstance to orders that had been made before and users had received the order confirmation.

PIULARCH will not have to supply any product that have been sold for less money than it actually costs by mistake (even if the Confirmation Order has been sent) if the price was blatantly mistaken so that the user should have easily recognize it.

Prices include Value-Added Tax (VAT), in your case they imply:
– Orders which will be sent to any territory within the member states of the European Union will be binded to VAT.
– Orders which will be sent to any territory that is not included in those previously mentioned plus Canarian islands, Ceuta and Melilla will be extempt from VAT.

Shippin fee and the Bill of entry are not included in the price.

Payment methods

We accept the following payment terms:

Credit Transfer

Why should I get in touch with PIULARCH via e-mail before paying  by  Credit Transfer?

The User must consider that our handbags are limited edition and exclusively designed so that we can not assure the existence of a particular product if we are not previously aware of which one you have selected before making the Credit Transfer. Once you have contact PIULARCH, we can assure you that your handbag will be reserved until we get the Payment Confirmation.

Once the payment is done, the User should send the Confirmation via e-mail to assure the reservation rights. When the payment is confirmed the company would send the order to the menssenger service.

ATTENTION! The user must type the name of the person who is buying the product in the concept of the Credit Transfer. If the concept lacks of name , the operation will be addressed to the same person who did the reservation of the handbag via e-mail.

Users must take into account that any Credit Transfer made from any other bank which is not La Caixa delays the process of confirmation due to bank policies. Users will received an e-mail once the Payment Confirmation is correctly done.

Debit or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Amex y China Union Pay).

PIULARCH uses a secure payment platform, where your data will not be saved or manipulated by us, but will be registered directly in the payment gateway of the corresponding financial institution.

The charge will be carried out in real time through this payment gateway. In case the charge can not be carried out (for any reason), the order will be automatically canceled.



Secure payment method.

For security reasons, if you choose PayPal as the payment method, once the order is placed, it is not allowed to make any  change in the shipping address.

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